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and we're passionate about how we can work with you – with our expertise in casting, production, art buying and creative consultancy

Alongside our agency and consultancy work, we pride ourselves on casting for a diverse and brilliant range of clients, and as a result have built up great contacts with fashion and character agencies around the world. We can also take care of fee negotiation for the usage you require and buyout options. We can’t wait to hear from you!


We’ve built up a brilliant reputation for casting thanks to our passion for finding the faces and characters that fit exactly what you need to say. From the moment we’re appointed we visualise the character you need and translate that into the people for you, working from your creative reference points and drilling down into the brief until we find the perfect solution. We strive to uncover new faces and thanks to Sarah’s background as a creative we approach our work with the eyes of a photographer as well as a client. It’s a unique approach that means we’ve got the ability to listen and see from both perspectives.

Dinosaur Bones – Lorna Freytag
freytag faded hero


As well as working on production for our own client projects and commissions, we work with individuals to take care of any stage of the production process, from street castings to finding and presenting the location you’re looking for. We can also look after all aspects of budget management, media buyout options and fee and usage negotiation. Get in touch to find out how we can work with you.

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