Lorna Freytag

Lorna Freytag

Born and raised in Scotland, Lorna studied at Grays school of Art in Aberdeen.  Lorna is a children’s book illustrator and author.

“I am an image-maker, picture-creator and brainstormer”  Lorna Freytag

Her work fuses together her love for photography, illustration and childrens stories.  She uses her many scribbled sketchbooks, digital camera and post-production techniques to bring her ideas to life. Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Lorna has lived and worked in New York, Dubai, London and Sydney. Now based in Oban, Scotland she applies her unique, bold, playful and quirky photo collage style to editorial and commercial commissions, children books, fashion and fine art projects around the world. She always has many new ideas and projects bubbling away waiting to be discovered.

Walker Books  /  Piccadilly Press  /  Carlton Publishing  /  Harrods / Henry Holt (Macmillan USA)  /  Collezioni Bambini  /  Junior  /  Studio Bambini / Please Mum! Boutique / Strand Arcade Sydney /   Harper’s Bazaar  /  Ark Recordings  /  BoboKids / Afrika Museum, Nl

‘Wild Child’ published by Walker Books 2012
‘Wizard of Oz’ published by Carlton Books 2013
‘My Humongous Hamster’ published by Piccadilly Press 2013
‘Sock Monster’ published by Junoberry Apps 2013
‘My Humongous Hamster Goes to School’ published by Piccadilly Press 2014
‘In the City’ published by HeyWow 2016

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