Winter 2016/2017

Tribute to Franca Sozzani

20 January 1950 – 22 December 2016

Franca Sozzani was a rock star of an Editor, a giant visionary. She was the longest serving editor in the history of Conde Nast.

I was privileged to have met her in the 90’s having been to see the Italian fashion photographer Paolo Roversi to persuade him to take me on as his assistant. Having shown Paolo my portfolio he promptly took my hand and led me straight to Franca who he was shooting for that day in North Audley Street. He introduced us by saying “Sarah wants to be my assistant; I think she should be shooting for you”. Franca was kind and funny; we laughed and talked about music and Marrakesh. Franca had a sharp eye for detail and missed nothing. She appeared legendary and looked slightly mythical, aquatic with flowing hair and eyes that danced. Closing my portfolio she smiled, looked up and promised to book me. Two weeks later I started shooting fashion portraits for the Italian magazine LEI.

Thank you Franca, for believing in my talent as a photographer and giving me a break.
Sarah Daw

Stephen Jones Lei Magazine

Stephen Jones Lei Magazine

Sarahdaw Antony Price Lei Magazine

Antony Price Lei Magazine

Lei Magazine tear sheets

Photographer | Sarah Daw

Seb Winter shoots model Valeriya Melnyk

Seb Winter teams up with Brazilian stylist Hercules Terres and international make-up artist Thorsten Weiss to shoot an androgynous inspired ‘Berlin Noir’ fashion story for S/S17.

Seb Winter shoots model Valeriya Melnyk

Seb Winter shoots model Valeriya Melnyk

Team Credits
Photographer | Seb Winter
Stylist | Hercules Terres
Hair & Make Up | Thorsten Weiss @ Bigoudi Agency using und Gretel, Organic Cosmetic and Yarok all natural haircare
Model | Valeriya Melnyk @ Iconic Management

Seb Winter shoots MONOCHROM for Beni Durrer

With his latest MONOCHROM collection Beni Durrer celebrates his love for simple colour harmony. Artists Raimund Girke, Kasimir Malewitsch and Yves Klein are connected by their one-color art. Creative Director Beni Durrer sketches his inspirations for MONOCHROM in a similar and pure way; “Fragile but with a provocative touch, this is how I see the spring look”.

Beni Durrer spring 2017

Beni Durrer spring 2017

Team Credits
Photographer | Seb Winter
Model | Josefin [email protected] Md-management
Make Up | Beni Durrer
Hair | Eric Schmidt-mohan

Onwards & Upwards 2017

Onwards & Upwards is a good sentiment for 2017 given last year’s culling of so many talented and iconic people.

Brévent daniel freytag

Brévent Daniel Freytag

Photographer | Daniel Freytag

Welcome Alessia Laudoni

We are delighted to welcome fashion and beauty photographer Alessia Laudoni to SARAHDAW; Alessia’s images combines playful sexiness with modern natural beauty. Her clients include Marie Claire, MTV, Sony BMG, Glamour, Elle and Maybelline.


Marie Claire

Alessia Laudoni Marie Claire

Marie Claire

Alessia corset


Alessia Laudoni Spend

Spend In

Maybelline ad

Maybelline ad

Basic Instinct – Alessia Laudoni / L’Official

magazine spread, female sitting on pedestal

Basic Instincts 1

Magazine spread – female in dress

Basic Instincts 2

magazine spread, female in leotard

Basic Instincts 3

Magazine spread, female gazing at viewer, back of corset

Basic Instincts 4

Magazine spread, female with sleeveless mink jacket

Basic Instincts 5

Magazine spread, female in bra, female in skirt and cropped top

Basic Instincts 6

Magazine spread, female in leather jacket

Basic Instincts 7

Team Credits
Photographer | Alessia Laudoni
Model | Anna Zotova @ Sight H&MUA Ago Bena for MAC & Morrocanoil
Stylist| Roxane Mercenat